Commissioned Watercolor Paintings

Yes, I do commissions!

Adam Hurst Art Studios - Commissions

Commissioned Watercolor Paintings are custom, one of a kind, original works of art which are made exclusively for you.  Prints of a commission piece are only sold if agreed upon ahead of time.

Currently original commissioned works start at $350.*  This is just my entry price and can go up depending on factors such as size and complexity.  These factors basically boil down to my estimate on time required.

The fee includes your original one of a kind painting and everything necessary along the way.  This includes photo selection, editing, drawing, and painting time.  Most of my paintings range between 30-50 hours.  Custom pieces are in the general area of 16″x20″ but we can go bigger or smaller based on your wishes and what will work best with your photo. Prints of your original painting are available starting at $40*  

How It Works

I work exclusively from photographs but not just any photograph.  I am picky about what photos will work.  Part of being an artist is having a selective eye and knowing my  limitations.  I receive great photos all the time that just won’t work well with my style of painting.   Photos need to be LARGE and the higher the resolution the better.

If you have a general idea I will ask for you to take a lot of photos from various angles and distances.  I will work with you via email and or over the phone to help you through the photo process.  If you have a specific photo in mind, hopefully it’s a winner!  Please don’t think I’m being a jerk.  I just won’t take your money knowing that I can’t hit a home run with the photo you have.

My wait list is currently 3-6 months and I’m adding new clients regularly.  To secure your place on my list I ask for a 50% deposit with the balance due upon completion.

Drop me an email: to discuss your project or to have me review a photo you have in mind.

Visa/Master Card accepted via Pay Pal.  A Pay Pal account is not necessary to use your credit card.

* pricing and fees subject to change without notice.  Once you have paid your 50% deposit, you are locked in at the agreed price.

** price breaks are available for higher quantity of prints.  If prints are  intended for resale, full disclosure of how they will be used and sold is required. (ie… fundraiser, retail, etc.)

*** fee is for personal, non-commercial use. please email or call to discuss commercial uses.